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Okay I have watched this and rolled my eyes again and again....
So i am just going say this....
You watch it if you want and leave your Opinions on it? 
Boy i did ...
but i am a comic geek so ...
Here we go..

Okay going by Marvel and DC comic stats.



Batman Vs Capt. America...

In the comic neither one wins..

They had a DC & Marvel Cross Over and they fought to a draw..

both at peek human ability..

The two would just fight till they passed out..

Neither one would yield.

That is just how they are...

So :P



Thor vs Wonder Woman....

One she has lifted Thor's hammer.. She showed she can use it.

He throws it

she catches it..

New Thor

game over..

So stated--> Who EVER is Worthy shall posses the power of Thor.

Umm DC & Marvel Cross Over..

She did that and became Thor.

Also Thor has just a Hammer..

Wonder Woman has Bracers made from the shield of Zeus, A Mystic Unbreakable Lasso, and a Razer Edged Taira, and a fricking Armory of weapons...

Strength level... Here is the major difference..

Thor is listed as he can lift 100 tons plus..

Wonder Woman is listed at 100,000 tons..

One hit..

You do the math..

Also from other You Tube Videos.. Wonder Woman vs She-Hulk? One hit.. you do the math again.. No one does their flipping homework Jeeze...



Iron Man Vs Cyborg...

Yes Tony is awesome at his tech skills.. and Cyborg is a cyborg.. But one mistake.. Cyborg can hack into any data base on planet at will. He is connected to the world..

Ummmmm soooooo

Iron Man's armor is a computer tech device.. aka Hack-able..

Cyborg links in

game over..

Tony is a statue..



Hulk vs Superman....

Okay The Hulk is strongest there is.. aspecially when mad..But the madder you get the dumber he gets.. just nothing but Rage.. Superman super fricking smart thinks clearly ..


but in classic comics Hulk would punch Superman and he flew once.. after that Superman expected it so when Hulk hit him.. He did not move and no matter how hard Hulk hit.. he did not move..

By DC & Marvel Stat Books...

Hulk by Marvel books last was listed at 250 tons in a lift. Note the level is when enraged.

DC books has Superman listed at 200,000 tons...



you do the math...



Green Lantern Vs Capt. Marvel..

Okay these two .. Capt. Marvel has been many things.. Ms. Marvel, Binary, War Bird, and Now Capt. Marvel... This woman is a major butt kicking power house.. She has taken on armies in space.. The you got Hal.. He is a major power alone and has been the power of the Lantern Corp Once.. But the choice was right.. Capt. Marvel does not have a dang ring that is tapped into the power of will (Using the Force) and it's only limit is the wearer's imagination..

So crap ..

And i favor her more but crap..

Damn Ring..



Aquaman vs Namor...

Well first off..

I don't like either of them..

They are DC & Marvel copy catting each other.. only major difference between the two is

Namor can fly

Aquaman can Control fish..

DC & Marvel had their cross over and in so doing the two fought.. Aquaman won because he called a killer whale to jump out of the water and splat on top of Namor..

So yeahh


Moving on..



Spiderman Vs Flash..

You are joking right..?

This fight could end in both winning either way...

Spiderman makes big spider web for the fly ..

Flash caught

game over..

Other side..

Flash zips in ...

Spiderman blinks ..

Flash punches him

game over..

These two would Nerd out before they would even fight..

NERD WARS.......



But this is just my "Opinion"

And Why the heck did you leave out Black Widow?

So rude..

She is a Avenger and a Major Power in the Avengers too..

Well Love and kisses


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